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Everyone dreams of visiting the Maldives at least once in a lifetime. The mysterious destination has plenty of activities to offer for every type of traveler. Considering the location – in the middle of Indian Ocean it is not a surprise that most activities are somehow related to being in the water or sometimes under it. But which are the most popular activities among visitors and locals? Here is our list of top 10 things Maldives are renowned for:

Scuba diving

If you ask any diver about the best places for scuba diving most likely Maldives will be one of the first on the list. It is considered to be of the best locations worldwide for diving by the community and it would be a shame visiting a place like that and not even trying to find out what is all the fuss about. Even if you are not a certified diver, consider doing at least few try dives or getting a certification while visiting, you will most certainly not regret the choice.

Snorkeling with whale sharks

Whale sharks are the largest known fish species and can grow up to 14 meters in length with weight over 20 tons. Just imagine seeing a fish 10 times bigger than an average car… Mind blowing isn’t it? Then just wait until I tell you that you can snorkel right next to them and be completely safe. Whale sharks feed on plankton – tiny organisms that drift with the current. You can find them very close to the surface swimming against current with their giant mouths open, gobbling up all the tiny things that happen to be on their way.


Fishing has been the most popular profession for Maldivians throughout the times – centuries old mastery passed on to next generations. Every Maldivian knows how to catch a fish which is not very surprising for a country that is in the middle of ocean made up 99% of water. What is surprising – the stunning marine biodiversity with so many different fish that you can catch. Even if you are not much into fishing, consider giving it a shot and be rewarded with the freshest fish BBQ you have ever had after the trip.


For Maldivians water isn’t just a source of life – it’s a source of adventure. Be that a thrilling Jet Ski ride across a stunning sapphire lagoon or a lazy paddleboard drift along the epic island sceneries, wide variety of watersports activities offers something for everyone. One of most popular watersports is windsurfing, if you have not tried it yet you must definitely give it a shot. After few lessons with an instructor you will be up and running – ruling the winds and seas like Neptune himself.

Spa treatments

Most people travel to the Maldives to relax and visiting the Spa gives the ultimate relaxation experience. Consider trying some of the signature massages not available anywhere else like VELI MODUN – A sand massage at the beach with virgin coconut oil. The exotic treatment of Islands is not just a massage but rather a massage plus a body scrub. As you lie on the beach where waves break gently, listening to the songs of the sea our expert therapists will invigorate your body with fine wet salty sand.

Staying in a water bungalow

Water Bungalow is one of the first things that comes into mind when thinking about the Maldives. Exclusive accommodation set on stilts above the tranquil turquoise lagoon – a dream destination for most. While Water Bungalows tend to be much more expensive than other available rooms the experience is well worth it. If you are planning to visit the Maldives, consider spending at least 1 night in a Water Bungalow even if spending the entire vacation in these is out of budget range.


The average daylight time in the Maldives is around 12 hours throughout the year. While day time feels like staying in paradise surrounded by tropical jungle and turquoise lagoons sunset brings out probably one of the most epic views you can imagine. Being in the middle of the ocean – without much lights and pollution around the night sky looks epic. Gaze upon vast infinity of universe and countless shooting stars.

Sunset cruise

Our entire lives are built around the sun and without it nothing would exist. Throughout the ages sunrise and sunset times have been considered to be one of the most important times during day. While we might not pay much attention to it in our daily lives, Maldivian sunsets give us a subtle reminder with some of the most spectacular views there are. Watch the sun plunging into the ocean and lighting up entire sky around you.

Lazy day on the beach

Everybody loves spending a day on the beach doing nothing in particular – pure relaxation without any obligations. Maldives is one of the best places to let everything go and just enjoy the moment. Grab few cocktails, go for a swim in the crystal clear waters and enjoy the blessings of sunshine. Any day on the beach is a day well spent! Be warned to get a proper sunscreen and limit staying in direct sunlight for too long to avoid getting sunburnt. The gentle breeze and refreshing water make it seem less powerful than it actually is.

Visiting a local island

Luxury accommodation, turquoise lagoons, stunning sceneries are the first things that come into mind about the Maldives, more often than not we don’t even think about how locals actually live. Does everybody have their own water bungalow with a pod of dolphins parked nearby? Not really… Most local islands are fisherman villages with population of only few hundred – a small and friendly community. Some islands still have historical buildings made out of coral blocks and the island elders who teach all kinds of arts and crafts to the younger generation. Definitely a must see during visit to the Maldives.

Your Turn!

Have you already visited the Maldives? Which of these activities are on your bucket list?